I love this gel cleanser!

“After I wash my face with the gel cleanser, my facial skin felt so smooth and bouncy! My face don’t feel tight anymore. I love this gel cleanser!”

Pn Anis / 45, Selangor

My face is glowing everyday!

“My face looks brighter and smoother after using Youthful Toner in just one day. My pores has been minimized and my face is glowing everyday after using the Youthful toner. Thank you Eva Purity! I absolutely love it!”

Pn Ayu / 42, Petaling Jaya

I noticed my lips were plumped up.

“I used to have peeling and dry lips. It was so embarrassing and I could not wear any lipstick as it will enhance peeling skin. I applied Plush lipbalm in the night before retiring to bed. The next morning I noticed my lips were plumped up, moisturized and there was no more peeling of the skin on my lips. I use Plush lipbalm every night since then!”

Mrs Chen / 31, Klang

My skin hardly has any flare ups and is kept moisturized.

“The eczema on my body and arms were quite bad and it flares up quite often especially when it is hot and humid. I tried so many “natural ingredient” products sold in shops but they didn’t work for me. Finally I tried using Eva Purity’s liquid soap Lavender and the Unscented ones to shower, and to my surprise, for the first time in so many years, my skin did not feel itchy and the redness subsided just after one use. I continued using the liquid soap for my daily shower. My skin hardly has any flare ups and is kept moisturized. I am truly thankful to have found Eva Purity!

Cik Nina / 27, Bukit Jelutong