Anti-wrinkle and whitening facial soap! *ROSE QUARTZ*


I’m so excited to tell you about this soap that took me almost a year to prefect it! This means a lot to me as we are all ageing as the years pass by and growing wiser (hopefully!) and we need to care for our body that has been entrusted to us.

I never really bothered much when I was younger in my teenage years to care for my skin. I was more of tired looking at my acne facial skin and wishing I had a magic wand that would make it go away. So my focus was on that and it was only when I hit my 40’s that I started to notice I made new friends with baby river lines on my eyes and anyway that folds often.

Dry skin type is common for many and especially so for those who lives in cold weather. Those who are in air conditioned environment day and night will also experience dry skin condition as cold air are typically dry. If you have this skin type, then you would know hydrating your body sufficiently is important and applying suitable moisturiser on your skin is equally important to help maintain the skin’s suppleness and moisture level. You can find numerous brands in the market that offers as moisturiser for the skin however they can be ridiculously priced and sometimes the product may only work for a short period in time and then you will feel the need to reapply the product again. After a while, the product just stops working altogether.

This soap was created to clean the face gently and effectively. I want to bring your attention to the main ingredients as below that you will want to use and it will change you from now on.

I’ll talk more about the soap base in another post as I want to focus on the important clays that I have incorporated into the soap.

French Yellow Clay & French Red Coral Clay

This clay combination has the ability to draw our impurities from your pores and removes dead skin cells. When dead skin cells are removed, the skin becomes brighter and lighter in colour naturally. The french yellow clay also helps to tighten and tones the skin which makes the facial skin looks radiant!

When you have the correct type of facial cleanser that is able to remove impurities and dead skin cells, your skin automatically becomes smoother. If you are like to apply makeup on your skin, the foundation application will be smoother and the skin will look flawless as there will be no flaky dry skin leftovers on the skin surface.

Cleansing the facial skin with this soap will leave the skin with a protective layer that will preserve the skin’s natural moisture level. This in turn will help to prevent fine lines or what most of us may call wrinkles. You can maintain your youthful looks and may even look younger than your actual age!

So the next time when you are looking for a facial cleanser, do look for these clays or something similar to their abilities for your dry and sensitive skin. Or you can get this at

Thank you for reading!

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