Our Story

When a person is cornered and they react to the right direction with a positive attitude, a new world is created. That’s who the founder of Eva Purity, Ms Eliza Gong, a person who lives and breathes natural and organic skincare formulations.

Having 2 kids growing with severe eczema was a test any mother could bear. Endless medical help sought only provide temporary relief as the problem would recur again and again. Desperation driven by mother’s love started her journey to explore skincare formulation with the renown and reputable award winning Organic Skincare Formulation school in the United Kingdom, Formula Botanica.

After graduating, Eva Purity was born to share solutions to help mothers manage their eczema-prone children, how to cope with life and enjoy childhood like normal kids do. As the company grows, more products ranges were created as there is no one magic potion that would fix different skin conditions. Her products has helped many children and adults as well, in easier skin management which has a great impact in improving their life qualities. This has also put endless smiles to mothers all around the world seeing their children feeling comfortable and energetic in their daily activities.

Eliza’s passion and drive to help others does not go unnoticed as she became a tutor at Formula Botanica to help others to master the art and science of natural and organic skincare formulations.

Knowledge is such, the more you know, the more you want to research and acquire. Apart from being an entrepreneur, a tutor and a grading tutor, she is doing research about plants, herbs and oils as well, hence her journey with Tisserand Institute of Czech Republic where she completed several courses with them such as The Essential Oil Kinetics: From Application to Effects, The Essential Oil Safety Masterclass and The Essential Oil for Healthy Skin.

It doesn’t stop there! Her journey continues as her passion and knowledge hunger grows. Presently, Eliza is pursuing Aromatherapy Certification program with Aromahead Institute USA and is studying to be a Cosmetic Chemist with the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia.

When a product is formulated with love as part of the ingredient, you can be assured that she intends it to be beneficial and safe for your child and you.

Eliza welcomes you to connect with her at hello@evapurity.com

Happy reading and shopping!