Eva Purity was born to provide solutions to your greatest nightmare, skin problems that could affect your skin health and your level of confidence. It’s a tried and true solution that has helped thousands of people with different types of skin issues, most commonly eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin.

The founder, Eliza Gong (also known as Eliza Fhauzi) started this e-commerce base business in 2014 to enable the products to reach to more people who needs them. She started distributing the soaps on social media, and has evolved to a website which will house full range of organic skincare which she is currently formulating. You can subscribe to www.evapurity.com to receive new updates as well as tips on skin care.

Eva Purity is the result of extensive research by Eliza who had taken a passion in organic skincare for her kids who suffered from severe eczema since they were babies. She started giving them away as gifts not only to those who had skin issues but also to share the importance of using non-toxic or non-chemical based products on their skin.

Eva Purity’s operation is based in Selangor, Malaysia. If you have any questions with regards to Eva Purity’s products or you want to know more on which type of products will be suitable to you, you can always write to info@evapurity.com. Eliza will be able to assist you and she will reply you as soon as she can.

Mean time, enjoy her blog write ups at Eva’s Tips at www.evapurity.com about different skin types and products and many more. Remember to subscribe to get notification whenever a new blog is posted.

Happy reading and shopping!