Hydrosols and its many uses and benefits!

Hello again! Earlier I shared about hydrosols and how they are created. Now I want to share with you what you can use them for! Let’s get to it! Benefits of Hydrosols Hydrosols when compared to essential oils are significantly gentler; they can be applied directly onto skin with minimal risk of irritation and are […]

The Wonders of Hydrosol

“What are hydrosols?!”, you may ask. I wouldn’t be surprised if many are unfamiliar with the word. I’ve only come across the word hydrosol once I became more interested in what my skincare products are made of. The word itself hydro-sol means water- solution. Hydrosols refer to the distillation water that comes from distilling fresh […]

Does your skin type stays the same forever?

Can your skin type change? I didn’t think so either. But one day, 26 year old me stared at myself in the mirror in an awfully well-lit room and saw my skin in ultra-high definition. A scary experience, I must say. I always thought that my skin was normal, but what I saw was something […]

What toner can do for your skin

There are 2 ways that toners can be used which is marketed by skincare companies. You can either spray the toner directly onto your facial and let it be absorbed into the skin or you can spray or pour it onto a cotton pad and use it to wipe off the cleanser residue on the […]

SUAVE – The Solution To Peeling and Cracked Heels

If you are reading this, then most likely either you or someone you know is having cracked or peeling heel issues. It can also be peeling skin issues at the toes or at the sides of the foot. If you don’t have any foot skin issues then it is also a good thing you are […]

Is Shea Butter …a butter made from milk?

I was prompted to write this blog when recently I realized that there are people who don’t know where Shea Butter comes from. I’m thankful to my surrounding people who were frank to admit they thought shea butter was made from either cow’s milk or some form of milk. That made me stop in my […]

This is real – I found a way to manage my eczema skin!

This photo was taken in August / September 2018 capturing the before and after effect. What you see on the left side of the photo is an inflammed skin commonly known as eczema. Eczema skin conditions comes in a variety of forms, the degree of the skin redness and can appear in any part of […]

Is Calendula good for your skin?

One of the focus ingredient that I choose to formulate with is Calendula. It has one the most amazing properties for our skin and this particular flower has not gotten sufficient lime light! Calendula is sold in many forms. You can get them in flower or herb form, calendula extract, calendula oil etc. In my […]