Facial soap for oily skin – VERDANT

Many of us suffer from oily skin especially those who are from tropical country climate. Not everyone will have acne skin just because their facial skin is oily, but more so having their face shine as if some oil was poured onto their face. Sorry for the thought visual but this is very real for those who are going through this situation which includes me. To top it, if the face is not cleansed properly by the end of the day, pimples may break out due to sebum plus dirt that got caught in the pores and may result in infection thereafter.
People with oily facial skin will tend to have large pores. This makes it more challenging as the face will have to be cleansed thoroughly. Many products out there claims to have effective cleansing effect but in actual fact it just dries out the skin due to the chemical content in the product generally. So how to have a product that can clean the face without drying it out and at the same time balance up the skin?
The answer is here – VERDANT.
Verdant is a soap made from olive oil, shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil and castor oil which provides an effective cleanser while maintaining the skin’s natural oil. This will protect the skin’s moisture level. This formula comes with 3 types of clays, french green clay, frankincense powder and poria powder. The function of the 3 clays are as below:-
French Green Clay
– very efficient at drawing out oils and toxins from the skin.
– it increases the blood circulation and balances the skin oils.
– it disinfects, heal and soften the skin
Frankincense powder
– smoothes wrinkles and soothe skin inflammation
– it reduces scar from acne marks or any other type of scars
– it helps regenerate the skin
– it disinfects the skin and prevents further pimple inflammation
Poria powder
– Improve skin conditions
– Eliminates wrinkles and dark spots
– it helps to reduce discomfort on the face.
As you can see from above, I have chosen the type of oils for cleansing while protecting the skin and the type of clays to effectively remove toxins while disinfecting the surface of the face. As this soap bar will be used for face mostly, I would recommend for the bar to be cut into half – all you need to do is just take a knife and cut it into two. The reason is because it takes longer to finish using the whole bar soap as the surface area on the face is smaller than the body. Any true organic soap must be used up within the month from the day it gets in touch with water. Hence, half a bar of soap for the face can be used up within a month if you use it daily. If you don’t want to cut it, it is also fine as you may want to use it for your body area where there may be occasional pimples that sprout out.
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