Is Calendula good for your skin?

One of the focus ingredient that I choose to formulate with is Calendula. It has one the most amazing properties for our skin and this particular flower has not gotten sufficient lime light!

Calendula is sold in many forms. You can get them in flower or herb form, calendula extract, calendula oil etc. In my current project, I choose to infuse the calendula flower or herbs in a carrier oil to extract its flower benefits directly. It will take several weeks before the oil is drained from the flower petals.

Calendula infused oil is then added as an active botanical to my formulation which will act as a soothing agent as it has anti-inflammatory properties. To top it, it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to combat any possible skin infection. It is not advisable to use it on its own as it is in oil form and it will get oily and greasy feel. Look for it as one of the ingredients in a product. The only thing that will be difficult to know is the amount of the calendula present in a bottle of product. I am currently working on a light weight lotion which can be comfortably applied on for day use. The absorption is just fantastic and it keeps your skin hydrated all day long.

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