Lip Protector Balm – PLUSH

Lip balm, an oldie but a goodie. Did you know that lip balm was invented in the early 1880s by Dr Charles Brown Fleet, a physician and pharmacological thinker who invented Chapstick as a lip balm? Fast forward to today, Chapstick is a trademark owned by Pfizer today and the product brand name is still available in the market.

There are many type of lip balms that comes with different scent, mostly fragrance, different colours and balm texture. The colour variety derive mostly from oxides or mica that the manufacturing companies use as it provides stability so that the colour in the balm will not change as time passes. It is also cheaper to use to create different colours than using naturally derived colours. Lip balms are generally firm and stored in a tube where you can turn the tube to get the product out for application. It is easy and convenient to store and use.

So what makes PLUSH so different from all the other lip balms sold in the market? PLUSH is uniquely created by just using all natural base ingredients without any chemical ingredient. It is a combination of shea butter, jojoba oil, calendula, vitamin E and beeswax. These ingredients can be found in other lip balms as well. The difference is the percentages of these ingredients are used that may combine with other ingredients makes the difference. This formula has been tested time and again with many adjustments till Plush is created. The balm has to be firm enough to withstand the tropical weather and yet soft enough to apply on the lips easily. This is an important criteria because if the balm is too hard for application, it will tug at the lips and thus may create fine lines or what we know as wrinkles around the mouth area.

Plush lip balm provides an occlusive layer on the lips sealing in the natural moisture produced by the skin which will prevent dry lips in long term. The healing properties found in the butter and oil helps to repair the chapped or dry skin on the lips. Long term use will assist the skin to repair and regenerate the skin cells. This will enable lipstick application to be very smooth and luscious looking for those who uses lipstick daily.

The lip balm has a faint nutty scent from the unrefined shea butter which generally fade off after a few minutes of application. All ingredients used in this lip balm are imported and certified organic.

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