Pimples BE GONE! Miracle of BLACK PEARL

Pursuant to my earlier blog on products that are safe or unsafe to use, I would like to share about the soap that I created for those suffering from acne and/or acne prone skin. I grew up having acne at the back of my shoulders till the centre of my back and on my face which resulted in scarring on those areas today from facial treatments and back treatments. I wish I had the knowledge back then on how to manage it but nonetheless, I’m here to share with you the Nature’s Best Gift!
BLACK PEARL is created to clean the skin gently and yet effectively. Black Pearl is meant for acne prone and acne skin. The main soap base is made from olive oil, organ oil, shea butter and coconut oil where the combination of these oils will allow the skin to be cleansed while retaining the skin’s natural moisture which is crucial as the first step for the healing process to take place. There are 2 types of clay that are also added to the soap which are charcoal and lemongrass powder. The charcoal powder extracts the toxins from the skin and detoxifies while lemongrass powder refines pores and strengthens the skin tissue. Lemongrass has astringent and antiseptic properties as well which is perfect for this formula.
Acne skin usually will have open wounds that occurs at least half the time, as pimples are usually present and the cycle of them will have them pop open which exposes the skin to possible infection. Washing your skin with Black Pearl will enable all toxins and dirt be extracted while preventing the open wound from getting infected further. This process will take time for the skin to heal and balance the hydration. This is not going to happen overnight but you will definitely feel the skin’s improved texture and better oil control after using this soap the first time.
Once the pimples / acne had stopped sprouting like mushrooms and the skin’s oil sebum is manageable, I will recommend for you to change to VERDANT soap. I will link the blog on Verdant once I posted it up.
Our skin changes from time to change depending on type of product used, environment humidity, hormones, food and water that we consume, exercise and the state of mind that we are in. Hence, it is advisable to always check the current product that you use for your skin from time to time to ensure it is still compatible for your skin or you may need to change so that your skin quality can improve further.
If you are not sure when to switch the products, you can always write to me at info@evapurity.com and I will try my best to assist you. However bear in mind, my suggestion will based on how much information you provide me.
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