Skin food – Lotion Balm by Eva Purity Apothecary

I named this product Yasmin Lotion Balm after my daughter as she has been using it since a year old. It helped her skin retain moisture and suppleness that the skin is so smooth I just want to touch it always! This lotion balm is also popular among the adults who has eczema and dry skin issues. It is also very convenient to carry around as it is housed in small containers weighing about 40gm each.
I formulated this using Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Coffee extract, Vitamin E. The butters are in raw form and has its own distinct smell. The combination of the butters provides a luxurious feel and goodness to the skin. Let me tell you why:-
Cocoa Butter has several benefits when applied to skin:-
– it reduces the signs of aging, wrinkles and age marks as it neutralises free radicals across the body
– helps to reduce the appearance of scars
– it has high antioxidant properties that protects the skin from free radicals and irritation
– it reduces inflammation on skin (reduce redness)
Shea Butter
– It moisturises the skin and helps to lock in the skin’s natural moisture
– it reduces inflammation
– regular application on skin prevents the skin from drying and creates suppleness of the skin. This in turn will reduce appearance of wrinkles.
Mango Butter
– it is light and non-greasy when applied
– it moisturises and keeps the skin’s suppleness as it plumps up the skin.
– natural source of Vitamin A which helps reduce appearance of fine lines
– treats dry skin wonderfully
– calms insect bites
Now the list above is what I’m pointing out to you as there are more benefits to them when used differently. A simple combination of these butters with Vitamin E which is also food to the skin. Do your own research on the above ingredients if yo have the time as there are more lengthy explanations on the above if you want to know more.
I can only share with you the benefits of the balm and it is for you to try it out to experience the luxurious goodness of this creation! Get your today at
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