Honey & Lemon To Rid Of Phlegm!


Sipping my coffee on a Saturday morning, I thought I’d share with you my latest proven discovery about getting rid mucus / phlegm just by drinking lemon and honey.

My toddler who was introduced scientific medicine since she was just about 4 months old, has been on meds almost on a monthly basis as she has bronchial allergies and asthma. So it comes with the package of food, dust and even weather change allergy. As she was just a tiny tot, she was treated by a pediatrician and has been on meds regularly. One significant thing I noticed was she was always getting sick after being off the meds for about a week or two so you can imagine the cycle she went through.

I started thinking there has to be alternatives to this as medicine was not always there. What did people do back in those days were modern medicine was not available then? Imagine my excitement when I discovered about lemon’s ability of getting rid of phlegm! The benefits of ingesting lemon are many and getting rid of phlegm is on the top of my list.

The preparation is rather simple. Just take a lemon, slice in half and squeeze the juice out. Mix it with lukewarm or room temperature water and I add in some honey to make sweet and sour taste. Honey is known to have natural healing remedies amongst which is antiseptic properties which will prevent the mucus from attracting bacteria from the air that we breathe in.

I started giving this mixture to my toddler twice a day, morning and evening. I witness the tremendous reduction of phlegm on the same day itself. Continue this for the next 3 days and the phlegm was gone.

This is highly recommended simple mixture that you can do at home. It also detoxifies your system!

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