Oily face – You can now manage it better!

I have lived with oily face all my life and had used and tried almost every product that says “For Oily Skin” out there in the market. Almost each time it seemed to work on the first few days but thereafter my facial skin tends to become more oily than ever. Not only that my skin used to feel very tight and super dry after cleansing which was what I thought was good but could not understand why my skin was worse off thereafter.

Our body is made up of about 70% of water. Water helps to regulate the body temperature and maintain other bodily functions. One of the functions is to keep the skin hydrated always. When the skin is hydrated, it reduces the appearance of fine lines or sometimes people refer to them as wrinkles, keeps the skin under “normal” skin type and reduces the sebum production.

Sebum (body’s natural oil) is produced naturally by our body to serve as protective layer on our skin. When the skin is dehydrated or dry, the skin automatically sends a signal to our brains which in turn sends a signal to the sebum “factory” to produce more sebum to create layers on the skin. This is what happens when you use cleansers that strips off the moisture and oil on the skin. You feel the skin is tight and oil free for a while, then it becomes more oily just after a few hours. Long term it can develop into acne as excessive sebum production can trap dust or free radicals from the air and clog the pores.

Now that you have an idea how the skin sebum production works, imagine this. To counter the excessive sebum production from our body, apply a thin layer of oil onto your skin every night. The skin will automatically send a signal to our brains telling no more sebum production required and it will slow down the production.

I challenge you to try this for a few days and you will be able to feel the difference in just a few days. You will find that your face makeup will last longer. Those who are prone to acne or pimples, you will find hardly any new ones will appear.

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Eliza Fhauzi


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