SUAVE – The Solution To Peeling and Cracked Heels

If you are reading this, then most likely either you or someone you know is having cracked or peeling heel issues. It can also be peeling skin issues at the toes or at the sides of the foot. If you don’t have any foot skin issues then it is also a good thing you are reading this as it will help you to prevent you getting skin issues by taking a few precautions. Heel fissures, also known as cracked heel to many of us, commonly occurs to people who lives in dry weathered country. It can also happen when your feet is exposed to water regularly for long hours. Wet skin for prolonged period can cause the skin to be fragile. It can be very painful either when you are walking or even putting pressure on your foot, or when it is further expose to water. Sometimes the cracking or peeling of the skin is bad enough that the foot needs to be bandaged to keep the pain at bay. This is so common but not many people pay attention to caring for our feet. I used to buy lotions from pharmacies that are meant for crack heel or peeling skin on foot. It does help to moisturise the bottom of the foot in the beginning. However it does not help the skin to regenerate nor smoothen out the skin. Once I stop using it, my skin return to how it was before within a short span of time. Our foot has the thickest skin area comparatively to the rest of our body skin area. Hence it will require effective ingredients that can penetrate the thick skin layers to allow the restoration and healing of the skin to take place. Chased by my frustration, I created SUAVE, a moisture rescue for foot cracked heel or foot peeling skin. As it hydrates the skin, SUAVE provides the skin the necessary nutrients to restore and regenerate new skin cells. The combination of several butters and oils that has healing and restorative properties makes this the perfect foot salve and a must have in everyone’s possession. The experience is simply exquisite which you will be able to experience from the first application itself. Best to apply just before retiring for the night. Take a small amount each time and apply to cleansed foot affected area. Keep on applying till you feel the skin has been fed with sufficient SUAVE. Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes for the salve to be fully absorbed before putting on socks or going under the covers. It will not stain the covers. You will be able to feel your foot skin has been plumped up with hydration and smoothens out the skin. The focus ingredients in SUAVE is Kokum Butter and Tamanu Oil. Both contains high healing properties which helps the skin to regenerate new skin cells over time. Both comes in organic and unrefined form which is absolutely fantastic!! In addition, it has cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil – a synergy of ingredients that creates the ultimate foot salve! SUAVE gives you excellent effective solution to care for your feet. Try it! xoxo Eliza

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