Does your skin type stays the same forever?

Can your skin type change? I didn’t think so either. But one day, 26 year old me stared at myself in the mirror in an awfully well-lit room and saw my skin in ultra-high definition. A scary experience, I must say. I always thought that my skin was normal, but what I saw was something completely different.

Dry patches! Fine lines everywhere! Did you hear that? That was my confidence falling into a deep dark hole. To be honest it wasn’t as dry as the Sahara desert or anything but it was a change from my usual normal clear skin. I’ve never bothered much with skincare products because I’ve been blessed with normal clear skin that looked great…but obviously that changed. No longer was my skin “normal”, it has shifted towards the dry side.

Before I get too dramatic let’s just say I realized that ageing is real and that changing in skin type is something that most people go through as they age. Isn’t that exciting?! Thus, begun my journey of learning more about my own skin and exploring products to match up with my situation. 

There are 4 main skin types out there: normal, dry, oily and combination, and as I began reading here and there, I found that it’s true that skin type can change and there are many factors which can lead to changes, some of which are age, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, hormones, climate and using wrong products. One of the factors of change that is inevitable for most skin types is ageing. All four skin types have the potential to move towards being drier and less elastic with age.

To keep it simple, as you grow older, new cell production slows down and this leads to skin getting drier and duller in pigment. This process starts as early as in your 20s. For women there is the addition of the onset of menopause which causes a drop in estrogen levels which also has effects such as thinning skin and loss of elasticity. To sum it up, as you age, there is potential that your skin will get drier. 

Immediately I knew that an update to my almost nonexistent skincare routine was of utmost importance in order to combat my dry skin. No more using body soap on my face. No more using my toddler’s baby lotion as moisturizer. I needed products that are formulated for the face, especially for dry skin. Just by switching a few products like using a mild facial cleanser, a hydrating toner and an appropriate moisturizer my skin improved. It was not immediate of course but within 2 weeks I noticed a difference, my skin looked a lot healthier and now after a few years of using the right products my skin looks great if I do say so myself…no Sahara desert here!

My skin of course is still on the dry side but by using the right products it doesn’t look it. Yay!

Those out there who are also experiencing change in their skin, or if the usual products you use just aren’t giving you the results you’re seeking then it might be a good idea to update your skincare routine. If you’re also facing drier skin like me, look out for ingredients such as glycerin, green tea, aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter in products. Use gentle cleaners that don’t strip skin of moisture and using a moisturizer day and night is definitely a must. Figuring out your skin type can be done on your own but if you are experiencing a significant change please consult a professional. Using the right products can make a big difference and knowing your skin type will help in choosing the most effective skincare. Unfortunately baby lotion is not effective skincare whatever your skin type is!

Much love,

Fathin A.

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