What toner can do for your skin

There are 2 ways that toners can be used which is marketed by skincare companies. You can either spray the toner directly onto your facial and let it be absorbed into the skin or you can spray or pour it onto a cotton pad and use it to wipe off the cleanser residue on the skin. Each skincare brand creates their own type of toner with their own directions for use.

Eva Purity’s toners were created to be sprayed onto the skin directly. It is not meant to use to wipe off any cleanser residue as we believe washing your face with water is the best.

Our toners are meant to refresh your skin when sprayed onto. At the same time, it helps to minimize your pores. This is important to avoid or minimize the chances of dirt getting trapped in your newly cleaned skin. What most of us don’t realize is the act of cleansing our face initiates some friction which enlarges the pores. As the fingers continue to massage the skin gently, the enlarged pores helps to loosen the dirt that is trapped with the sebum and it gets washed off.

We created 2 type of toners we name them Youthful toner and Glow Toner. These 2 toners are meant for normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin respectively.

Youthful toner shrinks the pores and it has antibacterial properties to discourage the occurance of pimples or acne. It gives a firm feel to the skin and clean. It is purely made of a selection of hydrosols which are lavender, helichrysum, rose and chamomile. All the hydrosols used are organic certified by Ecocert and COSMOS. Youthful toner helps to calm and soothe the inflammation of skin which commonly occurs in oily skin.

Now the Glow toner has similar hydrosols in this blend. It is targeted to firm up the skin while minimize the pores as some dry skin does have enlarged pores. It provides healing to the skin as the Youthful toner does, encourages cell renewal and does an excellent job at healing emotional wounds. The skin will tend to lose the dull skin look as it helps to brighten the skin.

When you choose your toners in future, always look at the ingredients list on the label and understand what are the components present. This will enable you to expand your knowledge on the ingredients and take note if you have any allergies to any type of ingredient.

One advise we strongly recommend is for you to do a patch test on your arm or at the sides of your face to see if there is any reaction that you may experience. Just like some people have allergies to nuts, it is possible for anyone to develop allergies in any ingredient, natural or not.

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